Dangerous Game Hunting in Africa

Over 800 Dangerous Game animals hunted so far....

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Since 1990, our professional hunters have hunted Africa extensively. Our goal today just as it was when we started is to supply you, the client with the most rewarding hunting experience possible.

African Trackers & trophies are the Dangerous Game Speicialists ... if you are looking to hunt any of the dangerous animals in Africa, then you need to ask yourself the question "If you needed heart surgery, would you go to a general practitioner?" Well, its the same if you want to hunt a dangerous animal - every year people are killed while hunting dangerous animals and very often it is the fault of an inexperienced Professional Hunter. We have hunted more than 800 of these animals - without incident - so if you want the experience of a lifetime then contact African Trackers & Trophies to arrange your next Dangerous Game safari.

Our safari operation is geared to offer you personlized service, suited to your preferred needs and circumstances. African Trackers & Trophies offers unique hunting experiences in five of the best African countries available; Cameroon, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Your safari will definitely be an exciting, well-organized and trouble-free experience; which will leave you with lasting memories which you will treasure forever!

African Trackers & Trophies has been successfuly guiding clients for 19 years, and we are proud of our record and our clients achievements on their Hunting in Africa Safaris.

Although we do hunt a number of plains game every year, we are the Dangerous Game Specialists and every Dangerous Game hunt will afford you the opportunity of hunting plains game as well. Please take the time to look at our photo gallery which will show you a sample of the trophies our clients have taken.


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including bongo, forest elephant, buffalo, elephant and sable!


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